September 29, 2012

[Adventure] Dog eats dog - Monster of the week

This is the second mystery I wrote for Monster of the Week. I used it for a demo that turned out to be a campaign (yay!) Hope you enjoy it. BTW, comments are welcome!

Dog eats Dog - A Monster of the Week Mystery

In Fredricksburg, Texas a chupacabra, used to feed on livestock, is forced to change his habits. He’s getting sick feeding on cows pumped with steroids by a ruthless vetherinarian. 

Michelle Hedges (20) was attacked while walking home, by night. Someone pushed her to the ground, bite her and paralysed her. She thinks that was a vampire attack.

Threats: Monster

Name: El Chupacabra
Type: MONSTER/Devourer
Motivation: to consume people
Powers: Really fast, Super Stealthy, Paralyzing Bite
Weaknesses: Steroids, Sunlight
Attacks: Bite 3-harm, intimate, quick
Armour: 1-harm
Harm Capacity: 8

When you get bit by the Chupacabra roll +cool.
On 10+ you can go on normally.
On 7-9 you choose one:

drop something from your hand 
get -1 ongoing for the rest of the scene
On a miss, you are paralyzed for the rest of the scene.

When you try to free yourself from the paralysis roll +tough
On 10+ you are free.
On a 7-9 you can either
move the legs
move the arms
On a miss you are still paralyzed. Sorry.


Name: Timothy “Timmy” Dalton (9). He feeds his “new dog” every night. If he’s not rescued, will be killed by the same dog.
Type: BYSTANDER/Victim
Motivation: to put themselves in danger

Name: Michelle Hedges. (20) Blonde, flirty, waitress, very cute, dumb as fuck. She belives in supernatural. Blames vapires for the attack(s) with an “I’ve told you so” attitude.
Type: BYSTANDER/Witness
Motivation: to pass on rumours

Name: Robert “Bobby” Dalton (39) Father of Timmy, brown hair, head of the local community. He’s helpful. Can show the PC around if thinks this can be useful
Type: BYSTANDER/Skeptic
Motivation: to deny supernatural explanations

Name: Fred Dalton. (19) Michelle’s boyfriend, he’s not friendly with the hunters. Maybe with some friend can try to push them out of the city.
Type: BYSTANDER/Busybody
Motivation: to interfere in other people's plans

Name: Dwayne Boyd (45) is the veterinarian who’s pumping the livestocks. He started to increase meat production to compensate the misterious deaths. Now he’s getting greedy.
Type: BYSTANDER/Witness
Motivation: to reveal information


Name: The hole in the rock
Motivation: to harbor monsters

Name: Michelle’s House. Little house. She lives alone. Here, if a PC befriend too much Michelle, you can have the showdown with Fred.
Type: LOCATION/Crossroads
Motivation:to bring people, and things, together

Mistery Countdown

Day. Bobby sees something going around the house, at night.
Shadows.  Michelle get killed
Dusk. Fred blames the PC.
Sunset. Timmy disappears, being caught by the Chupacabra.
Nightfall. The chupacabra kills another victim. Maybe Fred
Midnight. The Chupacabra eats Timmy

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