August 2, 2012

[First look] City of Fire and Coin

City of Fire and Coin is a 23 pages long PDF introducing readers to the upcoming Sword Without Master RPG.
"Our objective is to toil and struggle together to craft an enthralling sword and sorcery short story."
I approached the PDF like any other quickstart guide, strong of my past experiences just to discover that this PDF is different. It's not a summary of the rules and a quick adventure but a step-by-step lesson on how to play City of Fire and Coin. The Overplayer (GM) will use this book to learn the game while teaching it to the players.

Just to be clearer: one of the players will assume the Overplayer role, while the other 3 will get a character. Then the Overplayer will start reading the text aloud, until the first scimitar icon. Where the Overplayer reach a scimitar icon, it's time for everyone to put down the book and just do what he just read. Be warned, it's not CYOA style, but a full fledged RPG with the quickest learning curve I've ever seen.

The game is simple to learn and the mechanics are really interesting. 

HERE you can get the PDF I'm talking about.

I can't wait to see the full game and write a proper review.

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