August 1, 2012

[Actual Play] Fiasco: White Hole

Tonight we played Fiasco: White Hole

Me explaining the rules + 3 beginners
Duration: 2h, including explanations.

Fiasco is always a safe bet and this time I was surprised by how it works in every situation ...

I'm especially pleased because I saw a player who I knew as "not enthusiastic", jump in right away and have fun. And then say "This game is cool!" to me.
(the fact that he jumped without being excited is because I play with beautiful people even IRL ^ _ ^)

Positive note 0: I chose right the playsets playbook to put on the table.
Positive note 1: Players who appreciate the "boundaries" of the structure that helps you play consistently.
Positive note 2: Players who say "I don't like indie games", but this works well. And then stay after the game to chat about how to play better.
Positive note 3: Being able to make comparisons with the emotionally charged scenes of our D&D game and use them to explain the "Story Now" idea
Positive note 4: "But 16 scenes are not enough!"
Final note: A request to play it again it after the holidays ..

To be improved 1: Go to more directly into conflicts
To be improved 2: Help people go "into" the scenes and use direct dialogue.

I still want to try it with people already experienced, because until now I have always played with beginners.

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