June 11, 2012

[Kickstarter] Dungeon World

I love Apocalypse World. I love even more Monsterhearts. I can't wait to start playing Dungeon World. (Yeah, it's a big Apocalypse World Hack from what they have told me).

Dungeon World is a fantasy roleplaying game about exploring dungeons, fighting monsters and looting treasure. In Dungeon World you and your friends take up the role of classic character classes and undertake exciting adventures together. Through your triumphs and travails the world changes around you.

The Dungeon World rules are simple and elegant. They exist to help you create unpredictable adventures and fluid action - to move from battles to exploration to moments of magic and mystery with ease. Dungeon World's rules all tell you when to use them: every rule comes into effect just when it's needed and stays out of the way the rest of the time.

Dungeon World emerged from our love of two things—modern game design and old-school RPG action.  We wanted to create a game with the wide-eyed excitement and wonder of your first time playing a fantasy RPG and rules that draw on a long history of innovation and creativity. The best of both worlds!

The text of the game is complete and we're working with an editor to polish and perfect it right now. The text of Dungeon World is available under a creative commons license and will remain that way whether we meet our Kickstarter goal or not (we wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to play Dungeon World).

I know that you are fed up with Fanatsy RPGs and that D&DNext is just a downgraded version of 3.5 built just to avoid saying "Sorry, D&D4E is not selling enough, let's take a step back", but trust me, if you haven't already played one of the two games I mentioned earlier, you MUST try this.

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