June 14, 2012

[First look] Tephra RPG

A little while ago I backed a project about the publication of a steampunk RPG: Tephra. A week ago the book arrived to my home and this is the first look at it.

Tephra is a traditional RPG with a classical approach (GM+2-5 players). The book is an hard covered beauty, with an inspired cover.
The system is based on d12s and by looking briefly to the manual is really detailed. There are chapters about crafting objects, a lot of character creation options and a really small GM (here is called Narrator) section.
Apparently there is almost no setting (me sad) and no first adventure in this book.
On the other side the book seem well written and easy to use.

I want to run a game right now?
No, it's not so inspiring.

I want to read it carefully and maybe run a game with it?
Definitely yes.

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