May 25, 2012

[Talks] DNDNext or DNDAgain?

Quick update about DNDNext.
DNDNext is currently shit. Shit made with Vancian Magic, Keep on the Borderlans and [sword +2/1d6] crap.

DNDNext is a retroclone of himself, dipped in toxic wastes from the 80ties.

Please Wizards, don't waste our time.


  1. So glad to see constructive comments. :)

  2. The funny thing is, as someone who loves retro D&D from the 80s, I looked at the D&D Next playtest and thought "oh right it's just D&D 3.5 all over again" :)

  3. @Philo: I'll try to be more constructive. apparently they totally trashed 4E and just glace coated the 3.5
    Some of the mechanics are totally inacceptable for a 2012 game, Vancian magic system, for example.
    It's like nothing changed from 2ed. Or 3.0 or 3.5. Or the Red box.
    I expected something more form a "new" game

    @Gavin: Yeah, you are right, but Keep on the Borderlands is just too old style to make me think of 3.5. The supposed sandbox freedom is just a badly draw dungeon that was fun when I was 16 but right now is just dull