April 1, 2012

[First Look] The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters

Today, in the RPGNow newsletter, a game draw my attention: The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters. I like little games that doesn't need anything else to be played besides the core book and this little book (36 pages) is up for just 2,17 €. Nice.
This game is just a single adventure, introducing the "Big Book" of The Magical Land of Yeld coming out this summer.
Premises are good, let's see if I can learn more.

First of all, a brief synopsis taken from the website of Cel Style:
After discovering a hidden magic door 3 friends find themselves in a strange new fantasy world, where an angry monster demands that they hunt down mermaids with nothing more than a net and mallet! Of course, there’s a reward as well, if the friends survive long enough to defeat the Mermaid boss! 
Browsing the website of the Author/illustrator of this game, I came up also with this scheme and the three characters that you can play with in this game.

The rules seems based on rolling multiple d6 and add them together trying to do the highest number possible. Easy enough for a 36 pages game, but I cannot refrain to wonder what kind of special dice you can add.

It strikes me also the nice graphic aspect of the scheme. i like the anime-like approach, mostly because it's friendlier to teach rules.

Next in line to be looked at is the character sheet. In The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters you can play with 3 characters: the Tomboy, the Know-it-All and the Dog (literally a dog, not a S/M slave fantasy).
Character generation is really simple:
Each character starts with 1 of each Core dice, plus an extra Core die of your choice. Next you’ll choose what kind of Friend you’d like to be. Tomboy, Know-it-all, Baby, Brat, Big Brother, Dog,  Bully, Liar and Princess are your choices. Each Friend type gives an extra Core and Special die.
Let's see one of them: the Know-it-All. 
Looks keeping the promise to be simple ^_^
Probably I would have changed the font weight between titles (as "Core dice:") and detail lines (as "Strong 1").

We also know (from today) how advancement and jobs works:
Each game you play will bring more Reward dice, which you can spend on Special Dice or Treasures. After your first few Adventures you’ll be able to choose a Heroic Job, including Black Mage, Oath Breaker, Soul Thief, Freelancer, Shepherd, Witch Hunter and Witch. Each Job gives a kit including 2 Core dice, 2 Special dice, a Job Ability, a costume, a list of weapons you can use (as well as one of those weapons). When you choose a Job you also gain access to an exclusive set of job specific Special dice that only you can buy and use
It looks nice and professional as a stand alone game but mostly as a preview of The Magical Land of Yeld role playing game. I don't know if this game can convince me to buy the full game, but for sure I want to give it a shot.

As a side note, the playtesting version of the full fledged RPG is 175 (booklet format) pages long. 
I'm printing it right now ^^


Disclaimer: This is not a review. This preview can be based on prejudice and/or wrong information. Be warned.

The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters
The Magical Land of Yeld: Mermaid Hunters

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