March 26, 2012

[Rule test] Jonathan Neutron, amazing adventurer

A character from
Riese, a steampunk webseries
For a reason that I cannot disclose, I have to create a superhero. Mysterious reasons put aside, I want to use this opportunity to test various Super's systems trying to create the same superhero in each one and comparing results.

All the character must incorporate the same base concepts.

  • Jonathan Neutron is a human, born in 1815, explorer, archaeologist and scientist. 
  • He is brave, reckless and good willed. A daredevil
  • He ages really slow and/or he is immortal. Now he looks 25. He's a man out of his time.
  • He dabbles in ancient artifacts and weird science.
  • He is rich.
  • No powers, some superhuman stat and a lot of gadgets.

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