March 27, 2012

[Review] Blood Bowl Team Manager The Card Game

Blood Bowl Team manager is a non collectible card game for 2 to 4 players. 

The game, in short.
Every player is the manager of a Blood Bowl team drawn randomly competing in a Blood Bowl season. Your goal is to end the season with the most fans.

The game is played along 4 to 5 weeks of games. At the start of every week some random match must be drawn and then every manager can commit one or more player to the matches. 
Winning a match can give to you fans, star players or team/staff upgrades and committing the right amount of players to the right matches is the way to ensure yourself everlasting glory. 

What's new?
Management of the ball in the field (team having the ball at the end of the match have advantages), cheat tokens, the whole concept of a manager's game.

The Good
  • TEAMS All the teams are different and recreate very well the feeling of the original Blood Bowl. Skavens are fast as hell, Chaos mutates randomly, Dwarfs are slow but sturdy and so on...
  • PRETTINESS Fantasy Flight is well renown for the quality of the art inside his games and Blood Bowl Team Manager is no exception
  • NOSTALGIA If you are 30-something you can't have enough Blood Bowl Games.
  • SIMPLE Rules are simple and well explained, thanks to a good manual and some free video tutorial
  • EXPANSIONS  Blood Bowl Team Manager is ready to be expanded with additional low cost decks. Maybe also printed on demand.
The Bad
  • TOKENS I have no problems with tokens, but enough is enough. Prepare yourself to stock and order a LOT of things before and after every game. That can be annoying. 
  • LUCK Some team are more luck based than other (Chaos, Skavens). That can be frustrating if it's not your day.
  • HARD CORE THEME Ok, let's say it loud: managing a  Blood Bowl team is not a casual gamer dream.
The Verdict
Blood Bowl is a good game that shines if you and your friends ever loved the original Blood Bowl game. If you never played the original game, there is still room for fun in this game, but probably you don't risk the addiction.

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In Italia è disponibile sul sito ad un prezzo estremamente ragionevole, soprattutto se vi va bene la versione inglese. QUI
NOTE: If you buy from here I will get a little income, with no extra cost for you. Just to be straight.

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