February 15, 2012

Things to Love, Things to Hate!

This is the February post for the RPG blog Carnival: Things to Love, Things to Hate! sponsored by Nevermet Press  HERE

So, let's start with my personal Love & Hate List in No particular Order

LOVE: D&D Setting
Planescape. I Love Planescape. When I first opened the Planescape boxed set was really like opening a portal to another world.

LOVE: Setting
Mutant Chronicles. I know that this will be an unpopular choice, but if you manage to avoid the testosterone trap, Mutant Chronicles is a deep sci-fi setting rooted in the fear of the unknown. Something like Asimov meets Lovecraft meets E.R. Burroughs.

HATE: Setting
R.I.F.T.S. Enough is enough. When designing RPGs i firmly believe that you have to make choices. The RIFTS settig does none and put everything together. My suspension of disbelief is not able to cope with that.

LOVE: Dungeon Adventure
Greyhawk Ruins It's everything a fan of a good hack & slash can possibly dream of sprean along 24 huge dungeon levels. Go and have fun, boys.

HATE: Dungeon Adventure
Ruins of Undermountain. Everyone is able to drav random maps and then say to GM: fill them yourself. Lame!

LOVE: RPG Engine
FATE Engine. It's light, fun and adaptable. I've already said that's fun?

HATE: RPG Engine
World of Darkness Engine. Higher ability scores does not translate in better success probability. WTF!?! Simply doesn't work.

LOVE: Solo Adventure
Arena of Khazan. A tunnel & Tolls adventure made of pure fun. nothing deep or extraordinary, but just fun.

HATE: Solo Adventure.
Lathan's Gold. I remember this adventure being pretty lame, but I totally don't remember why. Does it count anyway?

LOVE: Old school game
Dragon Age. It's definitely old school with a modern twist and a good setting. It's just the right mix.

LOVE: Idea
Xcrawl. In a sci-fi setting, you compete in a new sport that basically is live action holografic classic D&D. Get in the dungeon, slay the tragon, and be famous on TV.

LOVE: Idea
Rogue Trader. Are you kidding? Space Pirates! This game rocks!

LOVE: Superhero Game
Necessary Evil. The idea behind of this game is simply pure genious: all the good guys are dead and now only the bad guse can defend normal people from a big alien invasion.

HATE: Superhero Game
The Marvel Universe Rolplaying Game. Tokens on the sheet? Really? Reaching for the soda can totally be a problem with this game...

That's (part of) my Love/Hate list.
Do you agree with me?


  1. I agree, Planescape is awesome. It came out at a time when I was just starting to get interested in philosophy and it hit that sweet spot without being pretentious.

    I never thought I'd see anyone mention Lathan's Gold! Yeah, that adventure is pretty lame (even the cover art is bad). The only thing it has going for it is that it's set on the Isle of Dread.

    1. Hehehe. I'm an old gamer and sometimes it's just more obvious. :)
      Planescape was awesome indeed. I don't think I've ever really loved another fantasy world after that. I mean, Golarion it's ok for me, but Planescape was really a setting without the tight borders fantasy normally have (elves, dwarves, kingdoms, knights, etc...) and without a clear distinction between right or wrong.