February 6, 2012

[Review] 3:16

3:16 Carnage among the stars is an indie tabletop RPG. At first self published, now is distributed by Cubicle 7.
What are you buying?
A full fledged RPG about space marines wiping out alien life from different planets.
In a remote future life on Earth is so safe and predictable, that even death by natural causes is not an option anymore. In 3:16 every player is a human that, bored by the eternal predictable life he was living, joined the Expeditionary Forces (read space marines). Now his mission is to eradicate alien life from worlds that can eventually menace the Earth.

Every marine is defined by FA (Fighting Ability), NFA (Non Fighting ability) and some strengths and weaknesses generated during actual play.
Strengths make you win a conflict against dice results, weaknesses make you lose a conflict at your terms.
Rule mechanics are simple and mostly combat oriented.

What's new?
The military ranks system is interesting and new. You can gain and lose ranks, changing you mission objectives in between sessions.

The Good
  • BODY COUNT You must keep tracks of the number of kills in each combat and in your whole career. Sweet!
  • PRETTY The black and white illustration and the unusual book format make this little RPG stand out in your collection.
  • EXPERIENCE Levelling up is managed with a certain elegance. You can improve your abilities, your weapons and/or your rank in a simple way. 
The Bad
  • LACK OF SETTING Your space marine will kill 2bugs" all across the universe, but every effort to define the setting is in the hands of your GM. no setting is really provided. 
The Verdict

3:16 is nice. Not beautiful, not amazing, but nice. If you want to kill aliens in a power suit AND you do not want to go trough the Deathwatch Core book, 3:16 is a decent light alternative.

3:16 is available from:

NOTE: If you buy from here I will get a little income, with no extra cost for you. Just to be straight.

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