February 3, 2012

[D&D4E][Rules] Badges of Achievement house rule.

It's some time that I puzzle about how to show my players that the road that they  are travelling is not the only one they have available. Let me go deeper in this problem. they have entered into the 4th consecutive year of play and everything is going smoothly. Maybe too smoothly. their choices are so natural for them that often they simply cannot see how things could have gone differently. That's nice, because the game is flowing, but that's not nice because they feel (big spotlight on "feel") a little railroaded.
Yesterday I was reading This post @ Geek Related when I stumbled the badge system he uses to reward his players, instead of giving them XP. nice idea! It will never work for my players, but i like the idea of a reward for completing things you do not have to complete.

So I came up with this idea: what if I reward my players with badges when they complete something in the best possible way?
Badges are a growing trend in videogames, make you feel the accomplishment you reach more valuable and are a little incentive to not be satisfied with the minimum wage. I'm sure I'm not the only one playing a game more after his completion if there are achievements to be gained.
In the last session they had to recover a piece of a child scattered in a dream realm from a wannabe hero. They could kill him, recovering the child's feet, but they accepted to duel with him, defeated him, agreed to make this pass as a draw keeping his honor intact and eaten some carrots with him chatting after the duel.
I think this is worth a little reward, right?

The party gains a  Badge of Achievement when it solves a problem or a puzzle in the best possible way or when complete a secondary quest. The Badges of Achievement rewarding is totally arbitrary.
Once gained, the  Badge of Achievement is put in a Badge Pool, available to every character in the party.
A Badge of Achievement can be reclaimed by one of the characters in any moment
A Reclaimed Badge of Achievement grant to the one who reclaimed it a one-shot bonus that must be applied immediately, even after dice are rolled.
After being reclaimed, a Badge of Achievement is discarded (or collected in a separate poll).

The picture is the printable version of my first badge. (Print, fold, glue)

What do you think? You would like them as a player?

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