January 2, 2012

[Review] Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion

Goblins of golarion
Goblins of Golarion is Pathfinder Player Companion for the Patfinder RPG easily adaptable to any fantasy world. 

What are you buying?
A supplement of 32 pages about Goblin subdivided in the following sections:

GOBLINS OF GOLARION. (pag. 2 to 17) Goblin history, goblin society, goblin songs, goblin traditions and so on. Informations are really tight packed but still fun to read. 
GOBLIN TRIBES. (pag 18 to 23) Where are they? What's different between a goblin tribe and the other? Nice map showing the main camp for every tribe of the continent is a bonus you will treasure.
COMBAT/FAITH/MAGIC/SOCIAL (pag 24 to 31) This section is for goblin PCs and gives you nice options to customize your goblin. These are not really powerful options, but they ooze flavour from every word. Want to talk about the Devastating Dog Whistle or the Cleric Arson subdomain? What about the Burn!Burn!Burn! Feat or the Blot spell?
Only the 3rd part is really a Pathfinder supplement, the rest is totally crunch free.

What's new?
Nothing much more than goblins speaking in rhyme.

The Good
  • CROSS GAME Really. Is not a marketing claim. 65% of the book is system free. The fluff is inspired and fun to reading. I've used it in a D&D 4E campaign and everything worked fine. (and the world did not explode)
  • PRETTY Paizo publish the most beautiful supplement i know about right now, 100% in color, with nice illustrations and good paper. Please look at the goblin pirates in the illustration at the bottom of the article.
  • QUOTES Every goblin quote is funny, appropriate to the chapter and in rhyme! An example? Here's the quote from the "Goblin Hunger" sub chapter "Goblins hungry, we like food. Even slug is nice if stewed". 
The Bad
  • BALANCE That's pretty obvious, but I have to say it loud. If you want to play a goblin, prepare to be stupid, less powerful than your fellow players and, eventually, to dine in a humiliating yet disgusting way. 
Goblin pirates!The Verdict
In theory the main purpose of this supplement is to make Golarion's Goblin playable as PC, as a matter of fact that's not true. If you want a heavy crunch book this is not what you are searching for. If you want more goblins in your campaign, this supplement is a good excuse. Said so, I LOVED this supplement. Come on, Goblin Pirates!
NOTE: If you buy from here I will get a little income, with no extra cost for you. Just to be straight.

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