January 16, 2012

[Review] Geasa

Geasa is an unconventional tabletop RPG. It's always a little bit of an embarrassment trying to use a standard definition for "unconventional" RPGs. Being creatures born from a very limited group of people they lack of a unified definition. I think of them like "indie", even when they are not.
What are you buying?
A 66 pages PDF by Jonathan Lavallee that's all you need to play this little game.
In Geasa every player creates 2 different entities: a person, who is the "normal" character who will try to accomplish his goals like anyone else and a fae, who will try to manipulate one or more of the others player binding them with a pact.
Every Person is defined by 4 Elements (head, heart, life and loins), at least 2 goals (what do you want to achieve) and 6 supports (things important in your life).
Every Fae is defined by answering to "Who are you?", "What do you want?" and "What makes you weak?"
Conflict is resolved with a d6 mechanics in which you can "spend" your dices to do what you want and get dices making your faes guide your actions.

What's new?

Conflict resolution is nice, but the most beautiful thing is the Geis mechanism. A Geis is a curse that forces the cursed person to act or do things in a certain way lest they break the geis and suffer a penalty for it.
Example: "You must spit when crossing a threshold or else you will be unable to
speak until you water all the plants in the yard three times."

The Good
  • GEIS Geis are so beautiful and simple that I will reuse them for my D&D campaign. Really
  • PRICE It's a full indie RPG that you can buy for just €3,62.  
  • TYPES OF FAERY The 4 pages devoted to explain the different types of faeries are clear and inspired. There's a lot of good fluff here.
  • SETTING BLOCKS These are some of the possible setting for a Geasa game. I like when a game comes with some simple way to make my players "try it". These settings are good quality demo games just ready to be played.
The Bad
  • HARD TO READ Too often the book is really hard to understand. Rule mechanics are cryptic and I feel that this product would have taken great benefits from more examples and a game play full transcript.
  • UNINSPIRING Ok, there's no way to say it in a nice way. Simply I think that there is nothing in this book to make me say "I WANT to play this game". If there is the opportunity I will not miss the chance, but I will not go the extra mile to set up a game
The Verdict
Geasa is a good game. Maybe not an extraordinary one, but sill a good game. I brought it with a bundle some time ago and I'm totally happy with it.
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NOTE: If you buy from here I will get a little income, with no extra cost for you. Just to be straight.


  1. Thank you for the good game! :)
    Geis are a simple and lovable mechanic that I'm gonna use for real ^_^