January 17, 2012

Proud owner of a RPG collection

Tonight I'm really proud of myself.

A couple of days ago an idea crossed my mind: to make an inventory of my entire RPG collection. What a humongous task. I have something like 7 hundred books in my collection so Excel and manual data input was out of question, so I needed an alternative.
On paper both Anobii and GoodReads seemed acceptable, but the task of typing more then 7 hundred of ISBN was huge however.

A few clicks (and a couple of days) later I was the happy owner of a barcode USB reader.
I've tryed to use both services, but  GoodReads  was really a pain in the ass, needing 2 clicks after every barcode scan. Anobii allowed me to just scan one book after the other. 
Today, in just one evening, I completely finished the job. Wow! 
(Some books were missing and I'm waiting all my additions to be reviewed, but it's just a matter of a couple of days)

Wanna see the result?
(You have to click on "visit my shelf; here shows only the top couple of pages...)


  1. OK, I am officially jealous. Your collection is incredible! Plus I learned a few things:

    -I had no idea a d20 version of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! was made! I'm going to have to try and track down the conversion of Khare (one of my favorite FF gamebooks).

  2. Thanks ^_^
    What a pity I never found the 4th book in the series :(