January 7, 2012

[Kickstarter] Tephra

I've just started this section With Streets of Bedlam a couple of days ago and another nice project just popped in my sight.
I'm currently searching for a steampunk RPG and this Tephra look promising.
Getting weary of the same old elves and dwarves of fantasy? You like science fiction, but it's become a little overdone for you? Not a huge fan of modern roleplaying when you've been doing it all your life? Well, good chap, welcome to Tephra.

Steam, wild gizmos, hulking automatons controlled by advanced brainworks and bio-engineered abominations, chainsaw swords, locomotives and elegant airships - let me introduce you to steampunk, a time ruled by intelligent industry, vests, top hats, and corsets. A time where adventure was one dirigible's ride away, and gentlemanly duty was society's norm. Welcome to Tephra, a steam-powered fantasy world, where fantasy meets science fiction all pounded together into a pre-industrial technological boom.

The word's map
Tephra is an evolutionary roleplaying experience, D12 built by gamers who enjoy an easy-to-learn system with unlimited options. You'll feel at home in our easy to use system, with just one die (a twelve-sider), over 400 different character abilities, and a seemingly unlimited amount of character combinations. We've done away with the class - you build your character the way you see them, the way you want them to work. Everything's available from level 1, and it only gets better.

Then delve into our rich and easy crafting system. Customize your razor-edged, chainsawing claymore or your electrified, steam-powered longrifle to your heart's content. And it doesn't stop at weapons - you can build an entire automaton, customizing its body, the way it thinks, the weapon's it uses, and how it functions, and, when you're done with that one, build another! And steampunk wouldn't be complete with airships, dirigibles, and locomotives. And, of course, you can build them all! Customize your train so that it has a deployable helium-filled envelope, is entirely amphibious, has magnetech cannons lining its side, and has a roaring engine that nobody can out pace. And that's just the beginning.

From our easy character creation system to our intuitive and high-movement combat rules to our enormous array of character abilities, Tephra will leave you building, creating, and dreaming until you can't take it anymore. This is steampunk - the options are unlimited.

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