January 26, 2012

I Always Kill The Things I Love

Rain on a smoking guy in a black trenchcoat. Beautiful voluptuous women in red dresses. A tommygun that fires in the night. Whiskey, some bullets and a dirty ashtray.

These are the images that comes in my mind if I think about the Noir genre, but what makes a Noir Story, you know, noir?

It's a pregnant question if you, like me for instance, want to run a Noir game. What's the difference between the Noir and the simple crime story. Why Cthulhu is not a Noir game?
What kind of characters I should encourage, what kind of stories I can write? what kind of world I want to shape?

Wikipedia says:
"Noir fiction is the name sometimes given to a mode of crime fiction regarded as a subset of the hardboiled style.
In this sub-genre, the protagonist is usually not a detective, but instead either a victim, a suspect, or a perpetrator. He is someone tied directly to the crime, not an outsider called to solve or fix the situation. Other common characteristics ... are the emphasis on sexual relationships and the use of sex to advance the plot and the self-destructive qualities of the lead characters. This type of fiction also has the lean, direct writing style and the gritty realism commonly associated with hardboiled fiction."

Pretty simple, uh?
Just forget the good cops, the bold detectives, the good-doers, a noir hero is very afar for the hero concept itself. I need to make the player design flawed persons, self destructive and throw at them not just bullets, but moral dilemmas and tough choices.  I have to write stories that are personal, that hits where hurts the most.

Ok, maybe that's not so easy.
Probably I must first design the cast and then the story that binds them. For sure  it will not be sugar covered, somebody must die, somebody will be betrayed, somebody will be fucked.

Would you like to play a noir RPG? How do you imagine your character?

Need ispiration?

A Dirty World
A Dirty World
A Dirty World
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