January 27, 2012

Ever recycled a popular character for your game?

fashion princesses P1by *viria13

Today I came across the image on the right and I remembered an old habit I had some time ago while mastering. i used to insert MY VERSION of popular characters in a totally unexpected way.

For example I remember when, during a Deadlands: Hell on Earth game my players came across a strange group of fellows with their van.
They were a blond gunslinger, a cute redhead skilled in diplomacy and communication skills, a Junker girl with cyber glasses and a wrist sawblade launcher and a exoskeleton pilot with a problem to servo motors of the legs and his robo dog.

Have you recognized them? They where the complete cast of Scooby-Doo and their appearance was a complete success.

I can also remember using the backstreet boys, the Saint of Killers, the creature from Alien and P!nk, Shakira & Anastasia (yeah, the singers and yeah, it worked smoothly).

Have you ever done something similar? How it went?


  1. I have had the Doctor (from Dr Who) show up in a Shadowrun game and in a Legend of the Five Rings (!) game.

  2. Oooh! The doctor in Lot5R? How it went?

  3. Back in the day I used Seal (decked out in the white robes from his Crazy video) as a priest of Fate in Undermountain (as a beneficial counterpart to Halastar if the party got in over their heads).