May 9, 2011

That's my destiny!

- No, it's your FATE.

These days I'm dabbling with the FATE system. I've first came in contact, last september with the italian edition of Spirit of the Century. I've statred reading it and it looked interestingbut pulp adventures where just not my focus at the moment and I've archived it under the mental classification of "good vibe".
The RPG bloggers seemed on my same page and so, trusting their and my istincts I've brought also Strands of FATE, a nice generic FATE toolbox.
Last march I've attended to PLAY, a game convention in Modena, Italy and the publisher of the italian edition of Spirit of the Century was there (it's called Lo spirito del Secolo) doing free demo.
At the convention I've met a (cute, female) friend of mine that, knowing I'm an RPG freak, asked me this question:

- I'm searching for a sci-fi RPG to DM. What's your advice?
Yeah, in Italy we have girls like that.
Anyway, my first answers where: Eclipse Phase, Deathwatch/Roguetrader and Gamma World.
Then I've said:

- There's also an indie game called Diaspora, with a ruleset called FATE that I think could be good and somehow different. If you want we can try to ask for a demo. There's a game with the same ruleset called Lo Spirito del Secolo...

We have done the demo (a fast one, cause we both were there to work) and it blew my mind. No, really guys, it was AWESOME!
BTW she was enthousiast too and brought the book (35 €, but it's a really good edition).
When I've come back home, there was a discount on that made me order 2 copies of Diaspora right away (yeah, one for me, one for my friend).
While my new books crossed the ocean I've attended another convention, this time in my city: Torino Comics.
Here I've found a little game shop selling The Dresden Files RPG and I brought it.

Dresden Files it's a urban fantasy game and that's a lot more appealing to me than pulp adventures so I've considered to read it and to start running it in a couple of week, BUT, reading some reviews, I've discovered that the campaign book (the Fluff Book it's called Our World, the Crunch Book it's called Your Story) spoilers a lot of the novels, so I brought the novels and start readin them.
Meanwhile Diaspora is arrived and now I'm reading it too.
It's nothing like I was expecting, but feels right for now.

What can I say?
Be patient, but FATE overwhelmed me (and my wallet).