April 5, 2011

[Review] Polaris

Polaris is an indie RPG of cold, knights and demons. in Polaris every player portraits the heroic part of a knight ment to fight the deamons until he falls or he becomes one of them.

The Good
  • GOOD FLAVOUR The icy land and the knight are a nice theme fot this RPG.
  • SIMPLE The mechanic are simple enough to be understood in half an hour.
  • MEAN some of the mechanics are open to a really mean kind of play. You will have to peek into your friends brain searching for something that disturbs them and that will deliver some serious fun.
  • OPEN All the world is just sketched and you can paint the sketch with the colors you like.
The Bad
  • NOT FOR EVERYONE Indie games are atypical ones and you have to build a taste for them.
  • NOT FOR LOVE This game will never replace your year running classic campaign, if you have one. This game gives his best if played in a series of 4-5 sessions and then forgot for a while.
  • NOT FOR NOOBS Simply you cannot play this game with every player you know. You will need players able to contribute with good stories to the game.
The Verdict
Polaris is a nice game. Maybe it's not a game to play with a first timer or a passive player but it's a nice change of peace for your uber-expert usual group of gamer friends.

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