April 9, 2011

[Gamma World][PC] Thundro the Furious

Here comes the PC we created last week. I've chosen a NPC format, cause I' think that a normar character sheet will be too much for a GW character.
What do you think?

Thundro the Furious Level 1 Felinoid Gelatinous
Initiative +5 Senses Perception +4
HP 17; Bloodied 8
AC 18; Fortitude 16, Reflex 17, Will 14
Saving Throws +0
Speed 7
M Steel Claw (Standard; at-will) Physical, Weapon
Attack: +8 vs. AC;
Hit: 1d8+5 physical damage
R Heavy Crossbow (gun) (Standard; at-will) Physical, Weapon
Range: 20 squares
Attack: +9 vs. AC;
Hit: 1d12+5 physical damage
m Slashing claws (Standard; at-will) Bio, Physical
Attack: +5 vs. Reflex; Make the attacks two times against the same creature.
Hit (one attack): 1d6 + 6 physical damage
Hit (both attacks): 2d6 + 6 physical damage, and the target is blinded until the start of your next turn
m Paralitic goo (Standard; at-will) Acid, Bio
Attack: +4 vs. Fortitude;
Hit: 1d8+5 acid damage, and the target is slowed until the start of your next turn.
Skills Acrobatics: 5, Athletics: 4, Conspiracy: 0, Insight: 8, Interaction: 2, Mechanics: 0, Nature: 4, Perception: 4, Science: 0, Stealth: 13
Str 16 (+4) Dex 18 (+5) Wis 17 (+4)
Con 5 (-2) Int 9 (0) Cha 12 (+2)

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