April 25, 2011

[Review] Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book

Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game Book is an RPG. Sort of. 

The Good
  • LONE WOLF The Lone wolf series of game books are a piece of my childhood.
  • THE SETTING The setting is nice and the game books are a good source of flavor.
The Bad
  • A MONK PARTY One class, one race. That's all you can play with this book.
  • FIVE OUT OF TEN Ramas monks start with 5 powers chosen between 10. You can do the math.
  • THE RULES The rules are the same of the game books. That's lousy.
The Verdict
This game is bad. Nostalgically bad, but still bad.

April 15, 2011

Where am I?

I'm currently reading.
What I'm reading?
This and this 
and this and this  and this and this  and this 

I'm excused if i do not post much in these days? :)

April 9, 2011

[Gamma World][PC] Thundro the Furious

Here comes the PC we created last week. I've chosen a NPC format, cause I' think that a normar character sheet will be too much for a GW character.
What do you think?

Thundro the Furious Level 1 Felinoid Gelatinous
Initiative +5 Senses Perception +4
HP 17; Bloodied 8
AC 18; Fortitude 16, Reflex 17, Will 14
Saving Throws +0
Speed 7
M Steel Claw (Standard; at-will) Physical, Weapon
Attack: +8 vs. AC;
Hit: 1d8+5 physical damage
R Heavy Crossbow (gun) (Standard; at-will) Physical, Weapon
Range: 20 squares
Attack: +9 vs. AC;
Hit: 1d12+5 physical damage
m Slashing claws (Standard; at-will) Bio, Physical
Attack: +5 vs. Reflex; Make the attacks two times against the same creature.
Hit (one attack): 1d6 + 6 physical damage
Hit (both attacks): 2d6 + 6 physical damage, and the target is blinded until the start of your next turn
m Paralitic goo (Standard; at-will) Acid, Bio
Attack: +4 vs. Fortitude;
Hit: 1d8+5 acid damage, and the target is slowed until the start of your next turn.
Skills Acrobatics: 5, Athletics: 4, Conspiracy: 0, Insight: 8, Interaction: 2, Mechanics: 0, Nature: 4, Perception: 4, Science: 0, Stealth: 13
Str 16 (+4) Dex 18 (+5) Wis 17 (+4)
Con 5 (-2) Int 9 (0) Cha 12 (+2)

April 5, 2011

[Review] Polaris

Polaris is an indie RPG of cold, knights and demons. in Polaris every player portraits the heroic part of a knight ment to fight the deamons until he falls or he becomes one of them.

The Good
  • GOOD FLAVOUR The icy land and the knight are a nice theme fot this RPG.
  • SIMPLE The mechanic are simple enough to be understood in half an hour.
  • MEAN some of the mechanics are open to a really mean kind of play. You will have to peek into your friends brain searching for something that disturbs them and that will deliver some serious fun.
  • OPEN All the world is just sketched and you can paint the sketch with the colors you like.
The Bad
  • NOT FOR EVERYONE Indie games are atypical ones and you have to build a taste for them.
  • NOT FOR LOVE This game will never replace your year running classic campaign, if you have one. This game gives his best if played in a series of 4-5 sessions and then forgot for a while.
  • NOT FOR NOOBS Simply you cannot play this game with every player you know. You will need players able to contribute with good stories to the game.
The Verdict
Polaris is a nice game. Maybe it's not a game to play with a first timer or a passive player but it's a nice change of peace for your uber-expert usual group of gamer friends.

April 2, 2011

[Gamma World][Rule test] Character Generation

Having completed the series of PCs for Dragon AGE, I was wondering what ruleset test next when I received a call from one of my favorite players asking more info on Gamma World (GW from now).
Are you ready to create some characters for a weird post apocalyptic setting?

For this test we will use the base set and the Famine in Far-Go expansion set, cause I've not yet bought the second expansion set ^_^

1. Character Origins
Every PC in GW is defined by two mutations and these are the first thing you roll. Let's do this.
First roll 1 (on d6) and 6 (on d20)
The first roll means that I have to roll on the core set table. the second roll means that I'm a Felinoid. 
Up now I'm not worried; a felinoid is easy to play, compared to other mutations. I will be fast, stealthy and furry.
Next roll 4 (on d6) and 9 (on d20).
Now things gets weird. 4 means I have to roll on the Famine in Far-Go origins table and 9 on this table means that I'm not only Falinoid, but also Gelatinous.
Gosh! I'm a Jelly shaped like a Thundercat!
Ok, no panic and let's move on the next step

2. Assign Ability Scores
I get 18 on Dexterity 'cause it's the primary ability of my primary origin (felinoid) and 16 in Strenght  'cause it's the primary ability of my secondary origin (gelatinous).
The rest of the scores are rolled with 3d6 and assigned in order, so my roster looks like that:
Strenght: 16
Constitution: 5
Dexterity: 18
Intelligence: 9
Wisdom: 17
Charisma: 12
Oh my Gosh! Constitution 5? Wisdom 17? I'm wise and sick? LOL!

3. Determine skills
More random things! In character generation you get a free skill bonus (+4), based on a d10 roll.
I rolled 4 and my bonus skill is... (dramatic drum roll) Insight!
The fact that's wisdom based ir totally cool.
So, now I'm a wise, sensible, sick jelly thundercat.
My origins get me an impressive +8 stealth bonus (all bonus stacks! Yeee!). The other skills are based only on my attributes.
Acrobatics: 5
Athletics: 4
Conspiracy: 0
Insight: 8
Interaction: 2
Mechanics: 0
Nature: 4
Perception: 4
Science: 0
Stealth: 13

Update: I'm a wise, sensible, stealthy, sick jelly thundercat. [roll eyes]

4. Starting gear
I get an armor, a melee weapon and a ranged wepon
I'm choosing a light armor (+3 to AC), a light melee weapon (a metal claw) and a light two-handed gun (a hunting arbalest)
I also get an adventure kit for free and 4 (1d4+1) rolls on  a table of extra gear.
These are my rolls:
9 a wagon
18 a pickup truck
3 a canoe
4 a keelboat
What? I was a car/boat salesman before going adventurer?

5. Fill in the numbers
Hit points: 17 (12+Constitution score)
Bloodied value: 8
Hp x level: 5 (that's a fixed number)
Fortitude defense: 16 (10+level+STR/CON)+(2 for gelatinous)
Reflex defense: 15 (10+level+DEX/INT)+(2 for felinoid)
Will defense: 14 (10+level+WIS/CHA)
AC: 18 (10+level+armor)+(DEX/INT if armor is light)
Speed: 7 (6)+(felinoid in light armor)
Initiative: 5 (DEX+level)
Attack bonus fot the metal claw: +8 (DEX+level+weapon accuracy)
Attack bonus fot the arbalest: +9 (DEX+level+weapon accuracy)

6. Add roleplaying character details
Im a former car/boat salesman, wise, sensible, stealthy, sick jelly thundercat. is that enough? ^_^

7. Alpha Mutation and Omega Tech
One random draw of each deck.
Alpha Mutation: Beguiling a burst 5 attack that with a minor action makes enemies not able to attack me (save ends). Considered how fragile I am, that's a good power!
Omega Tech: Envirocape a cape that makes me resistent to radiation damage. Nice enough.

8. Powers & Traits
Catfall (felinoid trait) no damage for falls of 50 feet or less.
Translucent (gelatinous trait) at the start of each encounter I'm invisible until I attack someone.
Slashing Claws (felinoid novice power) a reflex based power that makes two attack rolls and blinds if both the attacks hit.
Paralitic Goo (gelatinous novice power) a Fortitude attack that slows if hits.

Ok guys, that's all.
I have generated my first GW character. Next week I will provide a backstory as usual.
Let me share some thoughts in the end.
I kinda like the FULL RANDOM process in this case, I think it's an easy way to create weird guys, ready to be zapped by alien radiations in a moment. This will not lead to serous, dramatic stories, but in the end I've come to understand that GW is more about psycopath giant insects bursting lightnings from the eyes and flames from the butt that about post apocalyptic drama.
The charachter options of the core bexed set are nice, but the extra possibilities of the expansions are needed to add variety.

Don't know where to buy it?
NOTE: If you buy from here I will get a little income, with no extra cost for you. Just to be straight.

April 1, 2011

[Artwork] Mauricio Herrera AKA "el-Grimlock."

Mauricio Herrera is from Chile, works for Paizo and loves drawing monsters, half-naked girls, superheroes and videogame characters.

HERE his deviantart page
HERE his sketchblog