March 21, 2011

[Review] Yetisburg

Yetisburg is a non-collectible card game representing battles during the American Civil War. In this game, along with the standard troops you will command enlisted yetis and mammoths in the attempt to destroy the opposing army.

The Good
  • FUN Withstand your army being decimated by your own raging yetis is hilarious. Chains of exploding mammoths are too.
  • EASY & QUICK Half an hour to learn the rules and one hour to play a game are all you'll need to start having fun.
  • LOOKS COOL Artworks are appealing and fun and the two armies,  in spite of being numerical identical, shows totally different illustrations.
  • COOL Some of the mechanics and units are cool and fun to be played.
The Bad
  • TWO PLAYERS No way to play this game in more than two.
  • LUCK BASED Luck plays a big part in this game and a poor number drawn at a bad time can be disastrous. There's still space to make bad choices, but assuming you play right, the victory is in the arms of Lady Luck.
  • WHINER FRIENDLY I almost hear the voices of the whiners playing constantly complaining of every draw.
The Verdict
Yetisburg is a nice game, fun and fast. Is not a game for strategy maniacs, but it's a game girls-friendly, despite regarding war and yetis.

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