March 28, 2011

[Review] K2

K2 is a board game about some alpinists trying to reach the top of the K2. Doing so they will risk their lives against difficult weather conditions and extreme cold.

The Good
  • SCALABLE Two different seasons, two different tracks and a "hard mode" makes this game a lot more replayable than the argument may suggest.
  • TACTIC Most of the game is about managing your resourcesi n the best way possible, reducing the luck factor almost to zero.
  • LOGIC It's pleasant to play a game where often the most logic choice is the best one.
  • REWARDING It's not an easy game, but if you are careful, you will end up with a decent score and if are not careful, you will force your opponents to take bigger risks to keep up with you.
  • THE HARD MODE The hard mode adds a lot of strategic elements changing just a little rule (how many man can stand in a single space) and force you to plan carefully every move.
The Bad
  • BAD TOPIC Climbing a mountain is not the most exciting topic for a game.
  • THE BOARD The board is hard to read during play, cause the alpinists and the tents are positioned directly over the numbers you must read every round.
  • UGLY WOOD MEN The wood figures representing the alpinists are ugly and during my plays are often referred as "The Fat One" and  "The Dutch One"
The Verdict
I really loved K2 and I can't wait to play again. If you just can like the concept of a climbing game, K2 is the game you should play. Yeah, easy as that.

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