March 7, 2011

[Review] Dragon AGE Set 1

Dragon AGE is the tabletop RPG based on the popular videogame Dragon Age: Origins. The SET 1, which this review is referring to, brings characters from level 1 to level 5. The SET 2 is expected in the summer of 2011.

The Good
  • DARK MOOD Thedas is a dark world, with a lot of dangers waiting for your players. Forget D&D heroes, forget heroes at all.
  • MORAL DILEMMAS The Dragon Age setting is stand firmly on the premise that choices are not easy and to gain something you must lose something else. That concept will bring to you great adventures.
  • DEADLY Guys,if this is not clear enough yet, you are not in the Forgotten Realms anymore. Here my money is on the bad guys.
  • STUNTS Stunts are cool! 
  • EXPERIENCE REWARDS I've found the way Dragon Age rewards your players, based on the real challenge they faced and not some matgh, a great one.
  • DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS DA:O is one of the games you MUST play in your life and this game is the perfect excuse to play the other.
The Bad
  • LIMITED CHOICES in this game you can't do everything you want. This is a bad thing only if you can't cope with that. I loved the fact that characters are deeply linked to the setting.
  • DICE DEPENDANT PCs Creating a character in the Dragon Age RPG involves a strong random element. That's because players are not about to be heroes the easy way. They have to earn it the hard one.
  • LIGHT RULES No tactical depth.
  • NOT BALANCED Being no tactical dept, characters are not balanced by default. It's totally possible that, with the favor of some lucky die rolls, a PC will be a lot stronger that the other. 
The Verdict
Dragon AGE is a really good game. The setting is rich, especially if you loved the videogame. Pcs are fun, mages are fun, stunts are fun. Everything in this game is shouting "Try me!"
Do it.

Time for a new game?
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