March 6, 2011

[Dragon Age][PC] Oswin of Craigmorn

Hi! I'm slightly late with this update, but last week was a busy one, so be patient with me. :)

I'm here to introduce you the forth Dragon AGE PC I've created: Oswin of Craigmorn
Oswin of Craigmorn: a young circle mage who wants to be respected.

Oswin was born and raised in the a Cicle Tower and up his adolescence he didn't knew anytrhing but the cold walls around him. Days passed one after another in long study hours and magic practice sessions.
It's strange how , when all your life is planned, a little shake is enough to transform everything. The little shake in Oswin's life was called Ramoth and was a young pretty girl with a beautiful smile. 
Capturing her was the first mission Oswin took part of. He and his companions chased the girl up to a small village up to the northern shore of Ferelden where she hid in an abandoned house.
Oswin wanted to go talk with her to try make her surrender, but his "friends" was not of that idea. Already tired from the chase, they decided to make her leave the building in the easyest way: settin on fire the whole building.
That didn't work really well and the poor Ramoth perished in the fire. 
With the still hot corpse of a girl he didn't knew at all, the young Oswin, for the first time in his life, started to doubt the circle and the Chantry. Now Oswin is travelling in order to find a way, or at least a good argument, to free the mages from the control of the Chantry. Whatever it may cost.

Time for a new game?
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