March 19, 2011

[Dragon Age][PC] Landon of Redwall

It's time for the last of the PCs!
This time I have only a concept left: a dog handler who loves more animals than people (and who wants to be alone).
Our hero will be lucky enough to build a character decent enough rolling random abilities? Let discover it together.

The picture is made by jjuuhhaa

Landon livedall his life in the small community of Redwall, breeding his dogs, farming and taking care of his daughter Ramoth. 
Life was easy, crops where good and his three dogs where healty. In particular King was a great beast, many times winner in the local fairs and great as a hunter's companion.
One sad day, while Landon was in the field with the other two dogs, Bite and Growl, a small group of templars approached his house searching for his daughter Ramoth, having discovered she was an apostate. She screamed loud, searching for help, but the only one willing to listen was King that, while she fled, assaulted the templars, wounding one on them. 
When Landon came back from the fields it was already too late to fix things: King was in a cage, his daughter was on the run pursued by templars and and the wounded one was waiting for him demanding the head of the dog.
There was nothing to do for him besides waiting news from his daughter, while being watched by the templar. Two days passed before the return of the templar squad bringing him news about his daughter's death, trapped in a building on fire.
Even in front of a man torn by pain, templars had no mercy and made him kill King in front of them. 
Now Landon has left his house and have nothing to live for, besides his hate for the Chantry, Bite and Growl. 

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