March 2, 2011

[D&D 4E][Magic Object] The Maddener +2

Another powerful weapon, just for the barbarian in my party. It's a self-damaging weapon, hurting you the more you hurt others. Given that my barbarian (as everyone of them) is really easy to hit, this axe fast became object of hate from the healer.

So what do you think?

Comments are welcome, as usual!

he Maddener +2
Every time you score a critical hit the axe burth in laughs
Weapon Type: Two-handed axe
Enhancement.: Attack  and damage rolls.
Property: Every time hits, the wielder gets 1 damage. 
for every 10 full damages inflicted to the enemy.
Critical: +4d10. The wielder gets 2d10 damage.
Power (Daily): Activate after you hit the enemy. The enemy is dazed (save ends) and gets any ongoing damage you are suffering now.

NOTE: You can print and fold this image to give it to your players
Artwork by Stonewurks

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