March 18, 2011

[Artwork] Nicc Balce

Hi guys (and girls)!

I was about to talk about an italian artist found on deviant art, when a little note on the bottom of his pictures stuck me.
The note was saying: "Please do not use, copy, reproduce or redistribute."
No problem for me, considering that I'm not becoming rich talking about deviantartists, but I really don't understand him (and ones like him).

So, let's move on on the next one, nicely provided by the favourites of that misteryous artist that doesen't want adverising :)

The name of the artist of the week is Nicc Balce. He is from San Francisco (but he was born in Chicago, IL).
HERE you can reach his website.
HERE you can find his deviantart page.

We need more Fallout fanarts!
A pic 3 years old that doesn't fel the weight of passing time,

This is how you imagine italian girls?
Even commissions look inspired!

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  1. He was born and grew up in the Philippines but has been living in Chicago before he moved to San Francisco last year. fyi. Great artist. ;) Thanks for posting!