February 28, 2011

[Review] Warrior, rogue & mage

Warrior, rogue & mage is a full RPG with based on a revolutionary concept: instead by abilities, characters are defined by three attributes: warrior, rogue and mage that defines both the psychophysical qualities of the character and his training.

You can find it HERE

The Good
  • FREE It's totally free. How cool is that?
  • COMPACT The core rulebook is 40 page long. I like synthetic rulebooks, and you?
  • GREAT CONCEPT WR&M is based on a concept unique, brilliant and elegant. I can't wait to do a test run.
  • MORE FREE Stargazer Games provide us with 5 additional sourcebooks. Nothing essential, but that's nice anyway.
  • GOOD SUPPORT Michael Wolf, WR&M's dad, is kind and helpful and when I've adressed to him some questions he answered in a fast e precise way.
The Bad
  • PDF ONLY There is not a printed version, and that makes me really sad.
  • FIRST ADVENTURE There's no one.
  • UNPERFECT I've found a couple of things unclear or misplaced. Nothing dramatic, but still. 
  • NOT FOR NEWBIES The rulebook is clear and easy to read, but completely lack for the chapters that usually introduces new bies to the roleplaying. This rulebook take the assumption that this is not your first RPG.
The Verdict
Warrior, rogue & mage is a good game that can aspire to greatness. What's missing? I don't know. Probably to make a full judgement I have to try it for real. The good thing is that I'm willing to do it. The bad thing is that I still think that a good "official" adventure is needed to transmit the right vibe of the game.
Anyway trust me and give Warrior, rogue & mage a chance. You won't regret it.


  1. Remember to check out all the little supplements for it too; if there's a rule you're not quite liking, they probably have a simple alternative in one of those :)

  2. In my case, the problem was finding the cost of the spells and if you get some for free and if when you are not human, you still get the base free talent.

    BTW no spells for free, their cost is under "equipment" and yes (you still get the base free talent)

  3. I had many of the same issues you did, but think it's a great system. The possibilities are wide open and I love the fact that its rules light nature offers just enough of a framework to not get in the way. Great review!