February 21, 2011

[Review] Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox

Swords & Wizardry is an old style RPG based on the D&D rules from the 1974 version.

The Good
  • QUICK You can go trough this book in a couple of hours. And BTW you already know these rules anyway.
  • COMPATIBLE All the old D&D adventures and supplements are waiting for your conversion. The older, the better.
  • PROFESSIONAL Brought on lulu.com, the quality of the print has nothing less than professional games. This will fit great between my other handbooks.
  • NOSTALGIA FACTOR I admit it, this game put me the idea to take out of the closet "The keep on the borderlans".
  • POCKET  I love games in the pocket format, like Savage World or this one. 
  • FREE I've paid for the hardcover whitebox version of this mostly because I'm a collector and I believe in supporting indie projects, but you don't have to. The core rules are FREE (link at the bottom of the review)
The Bad
  • UNILLUSTRATED Inside the book the artwork is rare and uninspired. Monsters cry for more artworks.
  • WAY TOO OLD I know that OLD can be a PRO if you search something like this, but I think that here the author as gone too far.
  • VARIANTS When I open a rulebook I don't want to have to choose the rules between options. If the AC is descending or ascending it's ok, but you cant give me two different math and then tell me "you chose". Same argument about elves and variant elves.
  • FIRST ADVENTURE There's no one.
The Verdict
Swords & Wizardryis a little good game if you have at least 20 years of roleplaying on your back and want to call one last time your high school buddies for a nostalgia game.
I really don't see new generations dig this game and I don't imagine experienced players go for more than one game. said so, that one game will be hella fun!

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  1. Bell'articolo, Paolo :)
    Per fortuna in questi 3 anni S&W é diventata una realtá solida e ricca di uscite grazie ai fans e alla perseveranza di Frog God Games :)