February 14, 2011

[Review] Runebound

Runebound is a Fantasy Flight board game for 2 to 6 players.
In this game every player control an adventurer, questing along the realm to level up and equip hinself in order to defeat the king of dragons or some other Big Bad Boss

The Good
  • RULESET Like a lot of Fantasy Flight products, Runebound shares the same set of basic rules, making learning to play extremely easy if you ever played other Fantasy Flight games, like Descent.
  • ABSENCE OF GOOSE Unlike Talisman this is not after the Game of the Goose model. You'll need more strategy than pure luck to win the game.
  • EXPANSIONS There are a lot of expansions and most of them are mutual exclusive, making every play different.
  • GAMEPLAY You can play Runebound in about 2 or 3 hours and that's acceptable.
  • PLEASANT FOR THE EYE Artworks are definitely good. 
  • IT'S RAINING MAGIC OBJECTS There's a lot of them, really a lot, and in every game you'll see a very limited amount of them.
The Bad
  • LIMITED PLAYER INTERACION In this game you are alone. Player interaction in very limited and the Doomclock (the clock that mark the time before the Big Bad Boss arrival) puts you in a tight schedule, do not leaving you enough time for the social interaction (trade or PVP) 
  • UNINSPIRED CHARACTERS The playable characters in the base set are uninspired. And too many of them are orcs.
  • NEED MORE QUESTS The total number of quests in the core set are the only thing that keeps you from replaying this game over and over.
The Verdict
Runebound is a game that you'll love or you'll hate. If you can look past the three big problems listed above, Runebound means for you tons of fun. If you cannot, it's a pain in the ass.

Want to give Runebound a shot?
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