February 7, 2011

[Review] Dungeon & Dragons Starter Set

The Dungeon & Dragons Starter Set is a vintage looking boxed set new players can use to be introduced to D&D (4E).
Inside the box you will find a player's book, a DM's Book, a set of power cards, some character sheets, a set of dices and a double faced color map.

This boxed set covers the first two levels of play.

The Good

  • THE PRICE Getting introduced to D&D is never been so cheap.
  • THE LOOK & FEEL The vintage look of this box is delightful.
  • TOKENS THe tokens are full color nice tokens.
  • THE MAP is good with a full dungeon on one side and a crossroad + a monster lair on the other.
  • THE DM'S BOOK A little talk about being the DM, 7 combat encounters and a little selection of monsters make this book very nice for beginners DM.

The Bad

  • THE PLAYER'S BOOK It's just a short gamebook that makes you create your first character.
  • NO PC GENERATION RULES To create a character with this box you have to run across the gamebook. Everyone of your players must to this... Disappointing

The Verdict

This set only target, although looking nice for geezers like me, is first time players. It's good if you have kids you want to introduce to your hobby o something like that or if you want to try 4E cheaply and accept to read a gamebook to create a REALLY standard PC.

Wanna try D&D?
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NOTE: If you buy from here I will get a little income, with no extra cost for you. Just to be straight.

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