February 26, 2011

[Dragon Age][PC] Ralath

The third pregenerated PC is a thief. 
If I'm forced to make a comparaison without seeing these PC in actual play, this looks the weakest to me. It lacks the ranged might of the mage and the physical prowess of the warrior. Even the backstab power looks weak to me...
The artwork is by cinquain and it's not weak at all ^_^

Ralath: a elf gigolo who wants to be king.
Ralath was born in the city of Denerim, the capital of Ferelden, and, despite being an elf, he has not seen a wood in all his life. 
Like all elves of the city he lived mostly in the ghetto, but mostly is the keyword here. 
Being really good looking Ralath was hired, when 15, in the Rose & Thorn establishment, a high class brothel, first to serve cocktails to the clientele, then like a full time "employee". From the young age he was taught to please and to look pleased and he became good at this.
Working hard and well he started to climb the ladder and be hired from customers of higher and higher status and here's when he started dreaming big.
Servants, slaves, maids and prostitutes are invisible in some way and more often than you think secrets are told just in front of them. Ralath is smart enough to understand what he heard and to memorize what he cannot understand. In a few years, he became the unknown guardian of too many secrets and secrets are like small jewels. They make you dream big.
Ralaththen tryed to take advantage of what he knew, just to achieve a little big dream of yours: refound an elven empire with him as leader. That was not a wise move.
Let's just say that didn't went well and he was forced to flee from Denerim with little more than his secrets and his big dreams in the backpack. 

Time for a new game?
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