February 15, 2011

[Dragon Age][PC] Kelsie of Deepwater

Following up the article about creating a PC with Dragon Age RPG (You can find it HERE), this time I will present you the character sheet of the character in question.

The Artwork is by Rennes

Kelsie of Deepwater: the girl who wanted to be a warrior
Kelsie lived in Deepwater her entire life as the daughter of a respected farmer, preparing herself to became a beautiful wife and a mother. Or that was the plan. Over the years something growed up in Kelsie. Someone will call it curiosity, someone the call of the wild, someone just shaked his head in disappointment.
One fine morning Kelsie wake up, climbed down the stairs and just realized that her old life was over so kissed her father on a cheek, grabbed some spare cloths and walked out of the door. 
In the following months Kelsie joined a small band of me4rcenaries and fighted some battles, just to understand that she was not made for physical combat.
The venture captain assigned her to attend the wounded but it's only when her only close friend in the company was dying if fron of her, that Kelsie discovered that she was less than a warrior but more then a nurse. 
Her venture captain was supposed to report her to the Chantry, but instead he give her the full pay she deserved for the service and a couple of days of advantage.
Now Kelsie wanders, in search of a purpose, with nothing more that her last pay in her pocket and her mace in her hand.

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