February 19, 2011

[Dragon Age][PC] Gèrard de la Vallée

Here comes the second pregenerated PC.
Hey, I've never said that all the material presented here will be 4E related, haven't I?
The artwork is by InTheArmsOfUndertow

Gèrard de la Vallée: a noble knight who wants to be famous.
Gèrard vas a lucky child, third son of the noble house of the Loup-de-lune and his life was ment to be easy. And it was until his 12th birthday. That day a political treason his father planned was uncovered and his family was spoiled of his nobiliar title. His father was executed and him and his mother started a new life, with a different name, far away from home, in Ferelden.
Now his mother is dead and he just wants to reabilitate, with his deeds, the name of his family.

Time for a new game?
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