February 10, 2011

[D&D 4E][Rule] Warpaints

Artwork by navate
In a WotC forum thread someone asked how to pull off warpaints (like native american ones)

If I had to manage warpaints I think I'll go with a power card approach.
When someone applies a warpaint, he gets a card a power, formatted exactly like any other power in the game.
Lesser warpaints give you an encounter power (so you can use it only one time in the encounter)
Greater warpaints give you an at-will power (you can use it all the times you want in the encounter)
By the end of the encouter you have first used the power in question, the paint fades away and you have to give back the power card to your GM.

There are also the Minor warpaints that gives you a minor property (es. Resist 2 damage).
The minor warpaints fade off at the end of the first combat after the application. All the warpaints fade off after an extended rest.

What do you think?

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