February 24, 2011

[D&D 4E][Monsters] Shock lizard

Below Fort Ranninck, in a cave undergroud, the rangers freed some Shock lizards years ago. These lizards, almost grey in color, developed a taste for glowing fungus that are growing in the caves and founded a colony. Now Anyone who wants to attack Fort Ranninck from below must avoid or kill a dozen of this things, ammassed in a small natural labyrinth
Good luck.

Shock LizardLevel 4 Artillery
Medium Natural BeastXP 175
Initiative +4Senses Perception +5
HP 44; Bloodied 22
AC 16; Fortitude 16, Reflex 16, Will 12
Speed 7
M Bite (Standard; at-will)
+11 vs. AC; 1d6+4 damage
r Lightning (Standard; at-will) ♦ Lightning
Range 5; +9 vs. Reflex; 1d10+4 lightning damage
c Lightning burst (Move; encounter) ♦ lightning
Burst 1; +9 vs. Reflex; 2d8+4 lightning damage
Closed circuit
If two Shock lizards are flanking an enemy, at the start of his turn the enemy suffers 5 lightning damage.
Alignment UnalignedLanguages
Skills Acrobatics +9, Athletics +7, Stealth +9
Str 11 (+2)Dex 15 (+4)Wis 7 (+0)
Con 14 (+4)Int 2 (-2)Cha 7 (+0)
artwork by cheesefreeak
The printable token


  1. Cool update on the Shock Lizard.
    I really love the closed circuit power, it helps discourage melee types from closing with the artillery (which is a nice mechanic), and the visual of electricity arcing between two charged lizards is great.

  2. Thank you!
    I've tryed to came up with something more that just lightning based attacks
    Happy that you liked it. :)