February 17, 2011

[D&D 4E][Monsters] Graul Family - Jeppo

Today is time for the last of the Graul members. Let me introduce you Jeppo Graul, the violent brute. He is the one in charge of the daily management of the farm. jeppo farms, patrol, cook and to all kinds of menial tasks. The PC arrival is a great stress reliever for Jeppo that can't wait to beat them to pulp.

Like every other member of the family Jeppo have a second, child-like, face on his body, specifically on his left thigh.

Graul Family: Jeppo Level 5 Elite Brute
Medium Natural HumanoidXP 400
Initiative +13Senses Perception +3
HP 158; Bloodied 79
AC 17; Fortitude 19, Reflex 16, Will 16
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6
Action Points 1
Double Head
Every Graul Member, having two heads, can act at initiative-10. in this second turn, he gets only a standard action.
M Club (Standard; at-will)
+8 vs. AC. 2d8+4 damage and the target is pushed 1
m Frenzy (Standard; at-will)
Usable only in a charge attack. +8 vs. AC; 2d8+4 damage and the target is pushed 3
m Bone Horn Headbutt (Standard; recharge 456)
+6 vs. Fort; 3d8+4 and the target is dazed (save ends) and knocked prone.
Alignment UnalignedLanguages
Str 20 (+7)Dex 13 (+3)Wis 12 (+3)
Con 19 (+6)Int 8 (+1)Cha 6 (+0)
Artwork by dem888
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