February 28, 2011

[Review] Warrior, rogue & mage

Warrior, rogue & mage is a full RPG with based on a revolutionary concept: instead by abilities, characters are defined by three attributes: warrior, rogue and mage that defines both the psychophysical qualities of the character and his training.

You can find it HERE

The Good
  • FREE It's totally free. How cool is that?
  • COMPACT The core rulebook is 40 page long. I like synthetic rulebooks, and you?
  • GREAT CONCEPT WR&M is based on a concept unique, brilliant and elegant. I can't wait to do a test run.
  • MORE FREE Stargazer Games provide us with 5 additional sourcebooks. Nothing essential, but that's nice anyway.
  • GOOD SUPPORT Michael Wolf, WR&M's dad, is kind and helpful and when I've adressed to him some questions he answered in a fast e precise way.
The Bad
  • PDF ONLY There is not a printed version, and that makes me really sad.
  • FIRST ADVENTURE There's no one.
  • UNPERFECT I've found a couple of things unclear or misplaced. Nothing dramatic, but still. 
  • NOT FOR NEWBIES The rulebook is clear and easy to read, but completely lack for the chapters that usually introduces new bies to the roleplaying. This rulebook take the assumption that this is not your first RPG.
The Verdict
Warrior, rogue & mage is a good game that can aspire to greatness. What's missing? I don't know. Probably to make a full judgement I have to try it for real. The good thing is that I'm willing to do it. The bad thing is that I still think that a good "official" adventure is needed to transmit the right vibe of the game.
Anyway trust me and give Warrior, rogue & mage a chance. You won't regret it.

February 26, 2011

[Dragon Age][PC] Ralath

The third pregenerated PC is a thief. 
If I'm forced to make a comparaison without seeing these PC in actual play, this looks the weakest to me. It lacks the ranged might of the mage and the physical prowess of the warrior. Even the backstab power looks weak to me...
The artwork is by cinquain and it's not weak at all ^_^

Ralath: a elf gigolo who wants to be king.
Ralath was born in the city of Denerim, the capital of Ferelden, and, despite being an elf, he has not seen a wood in all his life. 
Like all elves of the city he lived mostly in the ghetto, but mostly is the keyword here. 
Being really good looking Ralath was hired, when 15, in the Rose & Thorn establishment, a high class brothel, first to serve cocktails to the clientele, then like a full time "employee". From the young age he was taught to please and to look pleased and he became good at this.
Working hard and well he started to climb the ladder and be hired from customers of higher and higher status and here's when he started dreaming big.
Servants, slaves, maids and prostitutes are invisible in some way and more often than you think secrets are told just in front of them. Ralath is smart enough to understand what he heard and to memorize what he cannot understand. In a few years, he became the unknown guardian of too many secrets and secrets are like small jewels. They make you dream big.
Ralaththen tryed to take advantage of what he knew, just to achieve a little big dream of yours: refound an elven empire with him as leader. That was not a wise move.
Let's just say that didn't went well and he was forced to flee from Denerim with little more than his secrets and his big dreams in the backpack. 

Time for a new game?
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February 25, 2011

[Artwork] Marek Okon

Today, dear readers, we travel to Poland to discover marek Okon, a great digital artist that worked for a lot of big companies both in the gaming and in the videogaming areas including Fantasy Flight, Games Workshop, Bioware, Crytech, Lucasarts and so on.

He is just 28 and, painting wise, he's self taught. Can you beleve it?

HERE his website.
HERE his deviantart.com page.

Warhammer never looked this poetic

This is my favourite.
The face of the girl is just SO real...
It's just a portrait , right? No, it's not.
Choosing some artwork to display was never so hard.

February 24, 2011

[D&D 4E][Monsters] Shock lizard

Below Fort Ranninck, in a cave undergroud, the rangers freed some Shock lizards years ago. These lizards, almost grey in color, developed a taste for glowing fungus that are growing in the caves and founded a colony. Now Anyone who wants to attack Fort Ranninck from below must avoid or kill a dozen of this things, ammassed in a small natural labyrinth
Good luck.

Shock LizardLevel 4 Artillery
Medium Natural BeastXP 175
Initiative +4Senses Perception +5
HP 44; Bloodied 22
AC 16; Fortitude 16, Reflex 16, Will 12
Speed 7
M Bite (Standard; at-will)
+11 vs. AC; 1d6+4 damage
r Lightning (Standard; at-will) ♦ Lightning
Range 5; +9 vs. Reflex; 1d10+4 lightning damage
c Lightning burst (Move; encounter) ♦ lightning
Burst 1; +9 vs. Reflex; 2d8+4 lightning damage
Closed circuit
If two Shock lizards are flanking an enemy, at the start of his turn the enemy suffers 5 lightning damage.
Alignment UnalignedLanguages
Skills Acrobatics +9, Athletics +7, Stealth +9
Str 11 (+2)Dex 15 (+4)Wis 7 (+0)
Con 14 (+4)Int 2 (-2)Cha 7 (+0)
artwork by cheesefreeak
The printable token

Happy ending wanted

If you follow this blog, you know that I'm not comfortable rambling about non game-ralated things, anyway sometimes is worth breaking out from your comfort zone for a good cause.
Two Scooter Press is raising funds to help a young woman fighting with a nasty eye genetic disorder that will make her blind somewhere in their 40s or 50s.
In exchange for a $10 donation you will receive 8 games.
Long story short, if you want more details or if you want to make a donation HERE is the right place to go.
I know that my fan base is not a big one, but if one of you guys want to thank me fot all the work I'm doing here, this is the right way to do it.

February 23, 2011

[D&D 4E][Magic Object] Shield of the night

Second shield ready for my warden.
Usually I create a lot of magic objects that never reach my players. I like to make me inspire from random artworks and never plan magic items depending on future challenges.
I remember a chainmail with resist fire that was useful just once in 3 years of play.

Shield of the night
The beautiful craft of this shield backtraces his maker to the eladrins. How this beauty ended here remains a mistery.
Item Slot: Arms
Shield type: Heavy
Property: You gain low-light vision.
Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to Stealth checks.
Power (Encounter): Standard Action. Make an attack: Blast 1, Strenght +2 vs. Fortitude, all creatures in blast are blinded (save ends)
NOTE: You can print and fold this image to give it to your players

Artwork by Stonewurks

February 21, 2011

[Review] Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox

Swords & Wizardry is an old style RPG based on the D&D rules from the 1974 version.

The Good
  • QUICK You can go trough this book in a couple of hours. And BTW you already know these rules anyway.
  • COMPATIBLE All the old D&D adventures and supplements are waiting for your conversion. The older, the better.
  • PROFESSIONAL Brought on lulu.com, the quality of the print has nothing less than professional games. This will fit great between my other handbooks.
  • NOSTALGIA FACTOR I admit it, this game put me the idea to take out of the closet "The keep on the borderlans".
  • POCKET  I love games in the pocket format, like Savage World or this one. 
  • FREE I've paid for the hardcover whitebox version of this mostly because I'm a collector and I believe in supporting indie projects, but you don't have to. The core rules are FREE (link at the bottom of the review)
The Bad
  • UNILLUSTRATED Inside the book the artwork is rare and uninspired. Monsters cry for more artworks.
  • WAY TOO OLD I know that OLD can be a PRO if you search something like this, but I think that here the author as gone too far.
  • VARIANTS When I open a rulebook I don't want to have to choose the rules between options. If the AC is descending or ascending it's ok, but you cant give me two different math and then tell me "you chose". Same argument about elves and variant elves.
  • FIRST ADVENTURE There's no one.
The Verdict
Swords & Wizardryis a little good game if you have at least 20 years of roleplaying on your back and want to call one last time your high school buddies for a nostalgia game.
I really don't see new generations dig this game and I don't imagine experienced players go for more than one game. said so, that one game will be hella fun!

February 19, 2011

[Dragon Age][PC] Gèrard de la Vallée

Here comes the second pregenerated PC.
Hey, I've never said that all the material presented here will be 4E related, haven't I?
The artwork is by InTheArmsOfUndertow

Gèrard de la Vallée: a noble knight who wants to be famous.
Gèrard vas a lucky child, third son of the noble house of the Loup-de-lune and his life was ment to be easy. And it was until his 12th birthday. That day a political treason his father planned was uncovered and his family was spoiled of his nobiliar title. His father was executed and him and his mother started a new life, with a different name, far away from home, in Ferelden.
Now his mother is dead and he just wants to reabilitate, with his deeds, the name of his family.

Time for a new game?
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February 18, 2011

[Artwork] Randis Albion

This week I want to introduce to you Randis Albion, an artist from Thailand
I simply love his girls, especially when he succesfully manage to insert them in the middle of a scene that opens my imagination about the before/after.

HERE you can find his website
HERE you can browse his DeviantArt gallery

Clearly "behind her" is better than "in front of her"
I love the Conan vibe you can feel here
A great paranormal story hook in one picture
Isn't he a genius?

February 17, 2011

[Dragon Age][Trailer] Dragon AGE: Redemption - The trailer

I'm the first one to share it?
Here comes the trailer!

[D&D 4E][Monsters] Graul Family - Jeppo

Today is time for the last of the Graul members. Let me introduce you Jeppo Graul, the violent brute. He is the one in charge of the daily management of the farm. jeppo farms, patrol, cook and to all kinds of menial tasks. The PC arrival is a great stress reliever for Jeppo that can't wait to beat them to pulp.

Like every other member of the family Jeppo have a second, child-like, face on his body, specifically on his left thigh.

Graul Family: Jeppo Level 5 Elite Brute
Medium Natural HumanoidXP 400
Initiative +13Senses Perception +3
HP 158; Bloodied 79
AC 17; Fortitude 19, Reflex 16, Will 16
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6
Action Points 1
Double Head
Every Graul Member, having two heads, can act at initiative-10. in this second turn, he gets only a standard action.
M Club (Standard; at-will)
+8 vs. AC. 2d8+4 damage and the target is pushed 1
m Frenzy (Standard; at-will)
Usable only in a charge attack. +8 vs. AC; 2d8+4 damage and the target is pushed 3
m Bone Horn Headbutt (Standard; recharge 456)
+6 vs. Fort; 3d8+4 and the target is dazed (save ends) and knocked prone.
Alignment UnalignedLanguages
Str 20 (+7)Dex 13 (+3)Wis 12 (+3)
Con 19 (+6)Int 8 (+1)Cha 6 (+0)
Artwork by dem888
The printable token
Need monsters for your Pathfinder game?
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February 16, 2011

[D&D 4E][Magic Object] Brooch of No Regrets +1

This is one of the first magic objects I made for my players. In the last three years they made a good use of it. 
I totally forgot where they found it. ^_^

Brooch of No Regrets +1
This golden brooch looks ancient.
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancment: Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Power (Daily): Free Action. 
Use this power when an ally within 10 squares of you fails 
a saving throw. That ally rerolls that saving throw with a +2 power bonus and must use the second result, even if it’s lower.

NOTE: You can print and fold this image to give it to your players
The Brooch is a photo of the historical Tara Brooch

February 15, 2011

[Dragon Age][PC] Kelsie of Deepwater

Following up the article about creating a PC with Dragon Age RPG (You can find it HERE), this time I will present you the character sheet of the character in question.

The Artwork is by Rennes

Kelsie of Deepwater: the girl who wanted to be a warrior
Kelsie lived in Deepwater her entire life as the daughter of a respected farmer, preparing herself to became a beautiful wife and a mother. Or that was the plan. Over the years something growed up in Kelsie. Someone will call it curiosity, someone the call of the wild, someone just shaked his head in disappointment.
One fine morning Kelsie wake up, climbed down the stairs and just realized that her old life was over so kissed her father on a cheek, grabbed some spare cloths and walked out of the door. 
In the following months Kelsie joined a small band of me4rcenaries and fighted some battles, just to understand that she was not made for physical combat.
The venture captain assigned her to attend the wounded but it's only when her only close friend in the company was dying if fron of her, that Kelsie discovered that she was less than a warrior but more then a nurse. 
Her venture captain was supposed to report her to the Chantry, but instead he give her the full pay she deserved for the service and a couple of days of advantage.
Now Kelsie wanders, in search of a purpose, with nothing more that her last pay in her pocket and her mace in her hand.

Want to try it?
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February 14, 2011

[Review] Runebound

Runebound is a Fantasy Flight board game for 2 to 6 players.
In this game every player control an adventurer, questing along the realm to level up and equip hinself in order to defeat the king of dragons or some other Big Bad Boss

The Good
  • RULESET Like a lot of Fantasy Flight products, Runebound shares the same set of basic rules, making learning to play extremely easy if you ever played other Fantasy Flight games, like Descent.
  • ABSENCE OF GOOSE Unlike Talisman this is not after the Game of the Goose model. You'll need more strategy than pure luck to win the game.
  • EXPANSIONS There are a lot of expansions and most of them are mutual exclusive, making every play different.
  • GAMEPLAY You can play Runebound in about 2 or 3 hours and that's acceptable.
  • PLEASANT FOR THE EYE Artworks are definitely good. 
  • IT'S RAINING MAGIC OBJECTS There's a lot of them, really a lot, and in every game you'll see a very limited amount of them.
The Bad
  • LIMITED PLAYER INTERACION In this game you are alone. Player interaction in very limited and the Doomclock (the clock that mark the time before the Big Bad Boss arrival) puts you in a tight schedule, do not leaving you enough time for the social interaction (trade or PVP) 
  • UNINSPIRED CHARACTERS The playable characters in the base set are uninspired. And too many of them are orcs.
  • NEED MORE QUESTS The total number of quests in the core set are the only thing that keeps you from replaying this game over and over.
The Verdict
Runebound is a game that you'll love or you'll hate. If you can look past the three big problems listed above, Runebound means for you tons of fun. If you cannot, it's a pain in the ass.

Want to give Runebound a shot?
(UK) (USA) (IT) (DE) (FR)
NOTE: If you buy from here I will get a little income, with no extra cost for you. Just to be straight.

February 12, 2011

[D&D 4E][NPC] Kibb - Bear

Kibb is a bear

NPC Kibb the BearLevel 4 Brute
Medium Natural HumanoidXP 175
Initiative +9Senses Perception +7
HP 44; Bloodied 22
AC 18; Fortitude 16, Reflex 16, Will 16
Speed 8
M Claw (Standard; at-will)
+11 vs. AC; 1d10+3 damage
m Double claws (Standard; at-will)
Kibb makes two claw attacks.
c Knock out (Standard; at-will)
+11 vs. AC; 1d10+5 damage and the target is knocked prone
m Furious bite (Standard; encounter)
Kibb deals 2d10+5 damage to a prone creature. (no attack roll required)
c Frenzy (Standard; daily)
burst 1; +11 vs. AC; 1d10+5 damage.
Alignment UnalignedLanguages
Skills Nature +7
Str 18 (+6)Dex 11 (+2)Wis 10 (+2)
Con 18 (+6)Int 6 (+0)Cha 10 (+2)

Photo by phylet