January 17, 2011


Tim Shorts at Gothridge Manor had a wonderful idea: keeping track of every gaming related stuff he buy, in public.
I like that, not only to keep track of the money I spend monthly, but mostly to give a little visibility to all the great indie material I plan to buy this year.

So, less words and more facts.

First of all today I brought Yellow Dawn by David J. Rodger.
As far as I know, Yellow Dawn is a stand alone RPG, in which the characters are trying to survive a post apocalictic Call of Cthulhu scenario. A peculiar thing is that the apocalypse is not brought by Mythos creatures, but some kind of virus spreading and mutating part of the population it didn't kill in devolved creature either montrous in apparence or normal-looking psychotics.

The rules seems to have a lot in common with the classic Call of Cthulhu RPG.
€24.02 on lulu.com

Second thing I brought today: Peryton Fantasy RPG.
It's a classic Fantasy RPG, with lot in common with the d20, that I completely haded.
Why I brought this?
Really I don't know, besides the fact I'm an RPG collector, but somehow it ended in my shopping cart...

More info about it when it's in my hands.
€15.93 on lulu.com

PARS FORTUNA is an RPG made by a fellow blogger: Matt from Land of NOD. It's a fantasy Old school RPG with a little twist. Here is what Lulu says:

"PARS FORTUNA combines the old school, rules-lite rules you love with 12 new races, 120 spells new to the old school, 120 new magic items, 140 new monsters, new magic rules, alternate rules for combat, equipment and encumbrance, rules for skills and knacks (i.e. a very simple skill system), a sample sandbox setting, a sample 1st level dungeon and general conversion notes for other old school rules. 120 pages."
€11.96 on lulu.com

Swords & Wizardry: Whitebox wants to be the ULTIMATE old-school gaming experience.

"Light your torches, don your helmets, and ready your spells … the Swords & Wizardry Whitebox Rules are a “clone” of the original Gary Gygax 1974 fantasy roleplaying game that started it all. Based on the Swords & Wizardry Core Rules, the Whitebox Version takes you ever further back, because it uses ONLY the first three books of the original game, with no material from the supplements at all."
€18.29 on lulu.com

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