January 31, 2011

[Review] Necessary Evil

NECESSARY EVIL is a superhero campaign settings for Savage World: Explorer Edition.

In this setting, some years ago, aliens invaded the planet killing every superhero, conquering the planet and destroying every major city of the world. Now the Earth is ruled by a puppy government as a colony of the invaders.

The only super-powered beings left are super-villains and super powers are outlaw so they have to choose to fight or flee.
NECESSARY EVIL is the story about the ones that chose to fight.

The Good
  • BAD GUYS: You can do the bad guys!
  • SAVAGE WORLD: Savage world is one of the best ruleset available. It's fast, fun and solid.
  • SUPERPOWERS: The superpowers are enough to simulate any superhero I can think of. Some of them have the ability to combine in nasty ways that makes everyone potentially dangerous.
  • ADVENTURES: In the Necessary Evil book you will find a full campaign (11adventures), 25 stand alone adventures and an adventure generator. It is true that the adventure are all one or two sessions long, but there is enough material to play non stop almost a year. What do you want more?
  • FLAVOR: The superhero flavor is solid, thanks to a couple of additional rules. Simple and effective.
  • SUPPORT: The game is well supported and the official forum is kind, competent and quick with the answers.
The Bad
  • SETTING: The setting is bad. Everything is ment to happen in the ugly "Star City". The players are kept avay from the devastation of the world, from the dead people, from the enslaving ships, from everything is not PG-10
  • NO GAME PROOFS: The combat system if halfway between the strategic, map dependant one and a freeform one. The downside is that you have to draw by yourself tokens and maps-
  • RULING SUPERPOWERS: Some of the superpowers are confusing, expecially the ones that makes you do extra things (like extra turns, copies of yourself and mental control). 
  • POWER GAMERS: Like every superhero game, power gamers and Munckin will try to break the laws of common sense along with the physics ones.
    The verdict
    NECESSARY EVIL is a fun game for a quick campaign. it could became great if you want to work on the setting introducing more mature themes. Played as is written feels too much like the early 80ties spider-man for my taste. 

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