January 10, 2011

[Review] Gamma World Roleplaying Game

GAMMA WORLD is the new addition to the Wizard of the Coast RPG family. 
This is the 7th edition of an old TSR campaign setting (first edition was born in 1978).

PC's are mutant heroes, trying to survive in a post-apocaliptic setting. 

The Good
  • 4E: The ruleset is a simplified version of 4th Edition D&D. that's fast, fun & friendly!
  • THE FULL COLOR BOX: The box contains the full color rulebook (including an adventure), 2 full color tokens cardboard, a full color deck of cards and 2 full color maps.
  • FUN: This game is not about dark heroes and dramatic adventures, is about mutations and explosions, big guns and lab experiments. It's a teenage sience fiction flick. It's an easy, loud and colorful trip.
  • NEW MECHANICS: Based on the 4E, GAMMA WORLD introduces a couple of rules (mutation, ammunitions, ancient technology, overload powers) that works well in this situations.
  • UNPREDICTABLENESS: The random element is something that's gonna be really present in your sessions. I like that. 
The Bad
  • CHARACTER SHEET: Gosh! These are the worst character sheets I havere seen! They are messy, hard to read, ugly and unpractical.
  • 4E: If you are a hater, that's not your game.
  • GENERIC: Practically there is no settings, just the rules. It's not easy to imagine this hypertrofic radioactive land, out of the blue.
  • DEADLY: Don't expect to live long in this setting.
    The verdict
    GAMMA WORLD make me feel puzzled. It looks fun, but it's also really hard to catch the right mood an adventure or a campaign is supposed to have. I will give it a try, sooner or later.

    Don't know where to buy it?
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