January 24, 2011

[Review] A game of Thrones Living Card Game

A GAME OF THRONES is a card game inspired by the Gorge R.R. Martin series of book "A Song of Ice and Fire". There was already a Collectable version of this game, practically DOA and this is the fantasy flight version.

With this game 2 to 4 players can use one on the four noblle houses (six with a couple of expansions) to battle one of the others (or all of them).

The Good
  • DIFFERENT FLAVORS: The four base decks are fairly different one from the other. Playins as a Stark is a total different experience that playing a Lannister, as it should be.
  • RICH BACKGROUND: Martin's books are awesome and this game succesfully brings to play characters that you love and you hate if you have read the books.
  • NICE COMPONENTS: Besides the four decks the box includes a little board, some tokens and some nice sculpted pawns.
  • BEAUTIFUL: The artworks are amazing.
  • LIVING: No rare cards! No deck stronger for rich players!
The Bad
  • BOOK RELATED: If you haven't read the books you'll miss half the fun.
  • CARDS GAME: It's a card game. If you don't like them, don't try.
  • NOT SO CHEAP: If you wanna go into the deckbuilding be prepared to buy AT LEAST 2 core sets plus all the expansions required.
    The verdict
    A GAME OF THRONES is a good card game. If you like Martin's work and/or (Living) Card Games, your money are not wasted at all.

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    1. Thanks for your useful information on GAME OF THRONES.

    2. Best game ever.

      Game of Thrones has pretty much supplanted D&D as the go to game for me and my group of nerds. As much as we love D&D, we can get together and play GoT without all the planning involved with running a D&D game. It's awesome.

      House Stark For The Win!!

    3. I found it a good way to introduce to gaming a friend of mine who was a book's fan. ^_^

    4. Let me, as a real human, thank you for your useful information on GAME OF THRONES.

      Seriously, my gf is a big fan of the books, so I've got the core set wrapped and under the tree. We've never played Magic or any similar card game, so I'm a bit intimidated, and I worry that she'll be overwhelmed...

      Anyway, your review has eased my mind considerably.

    5. You are welcome :) Have a nice Christmas .