January 20, 2011

[D&D 4E][Monsters] Graul Family - Rukus and the haunds

Rukus is one of the youngest members of the Graul family. He is in charge of the haunds and with them he patrol the outskirts of the house. His main hobby is haunting, mostly humans, even if his favorite pray are halflings.

He's not the brightest in the faminy, but with the haunds he's very caring. Obviously PCs are not haunds and he will not be nice with them.

Like every other member of the family he have a second, child-like, face on his body, specifically on his right pectoral muscle..

Graul Family: Rukus Level 5 Elite Brute
Medium Natural Humanoid XP 400
Initiative +13 Senses Perception +3
HP 158; Bloodied 79
AC 17; Fortitude 19, Reflex 16, Will 16
Saving Throws +2
Speed 6
Action Points 1
Double Head
Every Graul Member, having two heads, can act at initiative-10. in this second turn, he gets only a standard action.
M Club (Standard; at-will)
+8 vs. AC. 2d8+4 damage and the target is pushed 1
m Frenzy (Standard; at-will)
Usable only in a charge attack. +8 vs. AC; 2d8+4 damage and the target is pushed 3
m Whip double attack (Standard; recharge 456)
Make two distinct attacks. Reach 2; +8 vs. AC; 2d8+6 damage and the targetis pulled 1
Alignment Unaligned Languages Common, Giant
Str 20 (+7) Dex 13 (+3) Wis 12 (+3)
Con 19 (+6) Int 8 (+1) Cha 6 (+0)

Artwork 88grzes
Graul Haund Level 4 Minion
Medium Natural Beast XP 43
Initiative +4 Senses Perception +1
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.
AC 18; Fortitude 16, Reflex 16, Will 13
Speed 6
M Bite (Standard; at-will)
+9 vs. AC; 5 damage, or 8 damage against a prone target
If two Graul Haunds are flanking an enemy,  the enemy is also knocked prone on a hit.
Alignment Evil Languages
Str 15 (+4) Dex 15 (+4) Wis 8 (+1)
Con 15 (+4) Int 8 (+1) Cha 8 (+1)

Artwork by all-day-everyday

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