February 2, 2011

[D&D 4E][Magic Object] Warmonger

The original Warmonger
I needed a sword, possibly a memorable one, for the swordmage in the party and I've come up with this one.

It's lously based on a magic item with the same name from the PC game The Summoning (it's a 1992 game, so don't worry if you don't know it). In the game Warmonger was a sword with a nasty personality who loved drinking blood. I've tryed to recreate the flavor of an evil sword with a bloodthirsty allure.
Yeah, I'm thinking about the possibility of making Warmonger develop a personality and become a intelligent sword with upgraded powers.
I'll keep you posted on this.

So what do you think?

Comments are welcome, as usual!

Warmonger +2
This sword wants blood
Weapon Type: Longsword
Enhancement: Attack and damage rolls.
Critical: +2d8 necrotic damage.
Property: Brutal 1
Property: When you deal the killing blow to an enemy, you gain 7 temporary hit points.
Power (Daily): You can sacrifice up to 16 hit points to add +1 for every 4 hit points sacrified to your next attack roll.

NOTE: You can print and fold this image to give it to your players

Artwork by copeydude101

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