March 12, 2009

[Encounter][4E] Rise of the Runelords redesign - Siege of Santpoint:Ruckus at the market (Ep.02)

Second installment of this series.
In the original adventure the first three encounters are meant to introduce players to D&D 3.5 combat. Following the same guideline in the first encounter we introduced some dynamic terrain features (a running mob) and in this installment we introduce hazards.

This encounter, like everyone before and after him, is totally stand-alone. Inside the PDF you will find every stat you need. You can easily adapt him to your campaign too!

Hope you enjoy it!

Siege of Santpoint: Ruckus at the market

Obviously there's a new goblin too!

The Goblin Blood Dresser

I plan to do a spin-off, detailing these little buggers.
For now imagine the Blood Dressers like a goblin version of a psychopath blood-thirsty Wolverine. Play them go into frenzy when someone gets bloodied and remember that they do not care about their personal safety.

Now it's time for comments!
No, really. Give me some comment. Come on!


  1. Hi Gomez. First, are you able to open the PDF alright? When I try it gives me a message that the file is damaged and couldn't be opened. Also, the goblin's Bloodthirst power has a Close icon but doesn't include information on what type or value that close attack is (blast or burst, and how many squares).

  2. You are absolutely right!.
    I've reuploaded the file and now it works.
    The Bloodthirst power have the wrong icon: it's a melee attack.

  3. Ah, that makes more sense.

    I noticed that Bloodthirst uses the same attack and damage expressions as the goblin's basic attack. When this is the case, you can say something like "The Goblin Blood Dresser makes a claw attack. If that attack hits, it can make a second claw attack. Both attacks must target bloodied creatures." That should save some room on your stat blocks without losing any necessary information.

    Also, your encounter level looks wrong. First, the Fire hazard should be factored into the encounter's XP total (bringing it to 850 XP). This makes the encounter closer to a level 4 encounter. Remember to use page 57 of the DMG to determine the level of your encounters.