March 12, 2009

[Encounter][4E] Rise of the Runelords redesign - Siege of Santpoint:Ruckus at the market (Ep.02)

Second installment of this series.
In the original adventure the first three encounters are meant to introduce players to D&D 3.5 combat. Following the same guideline in the first encounter we introduced some dynamic terrain features (a running mob) and in this installment we introduce hazards.

This encounter, like everyone before and after him, is totally stand-alone. Inside the PDF you will find every stat you need. You can easily adapt him to your campaign too!

Hope you enjoy it!

Siege of Santpoint: Ruckus at the market

Obviously there's a new goblin too!

The Goblin Blood Dresser

I plan to do a spin-off, detailing these little buggers.
For now imagine the Blood Dressers like a goblin version of a psychopath blood-thirsty Wolverine. Play them go into frenzy when someone gets bloodied and remember that they do not care about their personal safety.

Now it's time for comments!
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March 5, 2009

[Encounter][4E] Rise of the Runelords redesign - Siege of Santpoint:Trouble on the churchyard (Ep.01)

Like I've promised here we are with the first encounter redesign for the Rise of the Runelords Campaign.

Siege of Santpoint: Trouble on the churchyard

Inside the PDF you will find also 2 new monsters:
The Goblin Burner

The Goblin Gutter

Now I'm waiting for your comments :)

March 1, 2009

[Encounter][4E] Rise of the Runelords redesign - Intro

Ok guys, let's make this short.
I've decided to adapt the Paizo's Rise of the Runelords series to D&D 4E and play it with a bunch of strangers gathered in a RPG-related forum.

Last week the project started and we had the first session and it was pretty cool, but that's the 1st episode material and iI don't want to give it away now.

Now a couple of technical notes.

  • I will not rewrite the adventure. If you want to know how the story develop and all about the cool NPC and settings of this series you have to buy the books. They are really cool and your money is not gonna be wasted on them. In these pages there are a lot of cool things and Paizo's products are the most high quality in the business (even more then Wizard's).
  • I will redesign every piece of crunch out there, so everything (encounter, monsters, PNG, magic items and so) will be NOT under the Wizard's license and everything will be 4E compatible.
    Note: They have made a shitty license, I will survive without them.
    Note2: Hey publishers out there! If you like my work, I can be definitely hired!
  • I'm not sure I will redesign all the maps. Maybe just a lot of them.
  • Everything in this blog is (for now) under a CC Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported license. Have fun with it!
    If you use my stuff or if you link it, please let me know! I will be delighted to hear that.
  • If someone out there wants to illustrate all or some of my works, let me know!
Said so, stay tuned for the first episode.

Ok, ok, just a little preview of the first encounter, ok? Here comes a small version of the map:

If you want some more juice, this encounter will feature also 2 new creatures and a peculiar way to give experience points.
What do you think? You like it?