February 18, 2009

[D&D 4E][Character] Veleno pt.2

The character creation has gone pretty straight so far. Surprisingly the Wizard's Character Builder is an acceptable tool for character making.

The only issue I've had is related to my multiclassing idea. Apparently to be a rogue-cleric you need a lot of stats up to 13, so in the end I'm a little ugly/unpleasant and not so smart.
Not a problem for the unpleasantness, but I hope some of the other guys will create a social guy or we are doomed to be stuck bu the plot.
Some more problem in roleplaying a guy with a normal intelligence, not because I'm so smart I can't fake some lack of ideas, but instead because I'm a (little too much) analytical player.

Rule-wise the worst thing is that I've give up some nifty bonus (mostly damage-related) to get some better armor and the multicalssing feature. Good that I'm human, 'cause the extra feat is reeeeally useful now.
The best thing is that the extra power of the human plus the extra power for the multiclass feature are stacking a lot of options for me in combat, even for the first level, not to mention the extra armor class will make me a little more resilient in close combat. Definitely I need to get some shield proficiency.

The final draft is somehow very different to what I've had in mind. Veleno is sturdier, tougher and a lot more brutal of the converted assassin I was picturing. Now I can visualize him killing a target in a tavern fight, covering his track in the ruckus, more than in a dark alley, wrapped in a black cloak, waiting for his pray.

Numbers give him a bad temper and a likeness to solve problems bashing heads.

That's not a real problem, cause I like when characters go to unexpected directions.

Said so, I'm very satisfied from Veleno, but I can also easily pinpoint some problem with 4E character creation.

1 My PC is not what I wanted. The options are limited and if I want to make exactly the character I've in mind I have to accept some big compromise (ex. sticking to a rogue class, just adding the faith as a flavor) or to plan the leveling carefully.

2 I'm not a cleric and never will be. I will have to play a cleric-wannabe all my life. That is fun for me, but I can picture it frustrating for a lot of people. Probably the cleric with the rogue multiclass is a better choice for someone.

Forgetting something?
Yeah, the sheet.


Now it's your turn. What do you think of Veleno? Have you ever used the Character builder and what you think of it? Character creation experiences similar or really different from mine?

February 17, 2009

[D&D 4E][Character] Veleno

I'm about to start a 4E campaign as a player and I have to make a character.
I'm about to discover if the main complaint of players if true or is just fear of the change.
Is it real that you have too few options in character creation? Is it true that multiclassing is impossible? Is it real that making a character is frustrating?

I'm a storyteller and I HAVE to start from the character story before even think about numbers so... what I want to be?

First thought: I've had the idea of a big Tiamat tattoo spreading on my back with the dragons head wrapped on my hips, shoulders and around my neck. Why I have it? Who tattooed me?

Second thought: I usually like playing rogues, good-aligned characters and humans. Since the last time I played was a long time ago, there 3 things will be my first sure things. Why I have a evil goddess tattoo?

Long after these simple ideas the background start tanking shape.
This is what I have sent to my DM:

"In the land of ____ legends say that once every century a buy is born with the hell's mark. In a cold night, 20 years ago, my mother gave birth to a child, me, showing a dragon shaped birthmark on the neck. The time stood still for a long moment, while the midwife who was helping her stared at me. "The mark" she whispered just before taking her coat and running off in the night.
In the morning the city guards knocked at the door, but we wasn't there anymore.
My mother ran all day and night on my dad horse, well knowing what would happen to me if we were caught. Nonetheless after 5 days without sleep she stopped the horse and fell asleep under a tree shadow.
We was sold as slaves one week after that.
Long story short, wen I was 5, a cult of rogues and Tiamat religious fanatics buyed me and made me a thief and a burglar.
All the informations above was written in a letter my mother gave to me when we parted.
Two more things were written here. The identity of my father and why I have to kill him.

Today, after 15 years past that day, I've passed all the test my cult gave to me and I've earned the end of the tattoo who is progressively carved in the faithful skin as he rise in the enlightening process and the fifth and last head of Tiamat now circles my neck, while the others sits on my hips and shoulders.

Today the cult gave me a name. They call me "Veleno".

Today, after 20 years of slavery I've run, the skin still burning, trying to regain myself and my future.

For fifteen years I lied. For fifteen yeas my heart was devoted to ____, god of _____.
Today is the first day I can say that proudly.
Today is the first day of my vengeance"

Now I have just to open my Official Character Builder and discover if numbers are with me or against me.

Tomorrow (or the day after) the results.

February 16, 2009

Paper & Plastic last update before the restart

Just a few words to make you know I'm not dead.
Life went horribly wrong in the past few months, but I'm alive and still kicking. Updates will be soon regular and full of new contents. Stay tuned.