November 10, 2008

[Talks] Various peeble talks

Some random thoughts:

  1. RPGBlogging is something I do not want to do random. I want my posts to be something useful and not some random blabbering. So I prefer to post material instead of talks.
  2. 4E is way far the best D&D ruleset. Is light, easy and fun. The worst part is that character creation is very limited. We need a book with a lot of character classes ready to play or some good rules to create our custom classes.
  3. The "A Graveyard and a Hero" encounter test has done great! And with the right zombie feeling!
  4. RPG Bloggers Network is a great network but every day there are too many post and something interesting will be missed if everyone does't learn to tag the titles (like mine).
  5. TwitterRPG is fun but a bit limited.
  6. I want to play 4E!!!!!!!


  1. Even better than using title-tags is using the categorization system by tagging your posts appropriately. That way those people subscribing to a specific category see your post there.

    You can also become one of those people if you think there are too many posts: the 4e category is easy to find.

  2. A great amount of truth here. I love a blog that delivers content and I'm going for a similar goal myself. Takes a certain type of blogger to be able to pull of good punditry.